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We are Zinho

The first garlic bread industry in Brazil

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Zinho is the result of much dedication, effort, and, above all, love. These are our secret ingredients, the key to our success.

In 1998, even before we were "Zinho", we created the recipe for the best barbecue accompaniment. And it was in 2004 that we founded the first exclusive Garlic Bread factory in Brazil. In addition, we are pioneers in exporting the product in the country. That's why we're Originals.

Since then, there have been many experiences, flavors, innovations, and transformations. Much has been achieved, but much is still to come. Our mission is to deliver to you the best product with maximum quality and safety.

And it is thanks to this commitment that we have been certified in an international standard, with 98.9% in the quality audit.

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Our mission

To generate value to society and all stakeholders by offering quality, flavor, and convenience in happy moments.

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Our vision

To always remain a reference in quality and sustainability, combining technology with food safety.

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Our values

Respect | Innovation | Honesty | Excellence | Sustainability | Attitude | Determination

Our Story

tradition, love, and care

Much more than a factory, we are a big family! Come to know a little about Zinho and fall in love with our story.


Quality and food safety

Zinho was the first garlic bread factory in Brazil to be certified in an international standard, guaranteeing the food safety of our products.


Family-friendly environment

People management and the commitment of the whole company to a collaborative work environment.


100% Automated Factory Park

Zinho is the only 100% automated garlic bread factory in Brazil, ensuring the best product to the market.



A company that is always looking for new technologies, new methods, projects, stimulating, encouraging, and valuing the skills of employees.


Our Certifications

proof that we are doing it right

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Zinho Institute

The Zinho Institute is the expression of our company's social commitment, acting on five essential pillars.

In addition to training bakery professionals, the Institute encourages volunteering among employees and welcomes those in extreme need.

We carry out internal social actions, directly benefiting the accommodated, and expand our assistance to entities such as Creche Alvorada, Cantinho do Céu, and APAE.

Our environmental commitment is reflected in the recycling of 100% of waste, generating resources that strengthen our social impact and preserve the environment.

Join us on this transformative journey.

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The Zinho way of being

Each person, within their diversity and experiences, contributes every day to the construction of our Zinho Way of Being! Check out what makes our way very special!

img Fernanda Evangelista Malagutti

Fernanda Evangelista Malagutti

PPCP Specialist

It's a different feeling to be out there and have people ask you, 'Do you work for that garlic bread brand?' So I think you feel a little part of everything that's happening.

img Naiara do Carmo dos Santos

Naiara do Carmo dos Santos

Lead Production Operator

I love working in production. The coolest thing is our team, because we all help each other. And I learned that here. Friendship, camaraderie, help, teamwork.

img João Alexander Batista

João Alexander Batista

Occupational Safety Technician

For me, it's a pride. Being Zinho is taking care of people. My area is safety, having the opportunity to take care of people. I'm very proud to be part of this family for over 3 years.

img Thiago Alexandre Gazoni

Thiago Alexandre Gazoni

Industrial Manager

The Zinho way is to maintain the essence, the values, respect, unity, teamwork, and especially love. Without love, we don't have a product, we don't have an impact, and we don't have the result the company aims for.

img Alex de Almeida da Silva

Alex de Almeida da Silva

Occupational Safety Technician

Here you're not treated as just a driver, but as part of a family. I love being part of this growing family, which welcomed me very well. I intend to stay here for a long time, as long as God permits.

img Ivanilton alves marinho

Ivanilton alves marinho


It's a different feeling to be out there and have people ask you, 'Do you work for that garlic bread brand?' So I think you feel a little part of everything that's happening.

img Deborah Palma Pereira

Deborah Palma Pereira

Marketing Coordinator

What makes us happy in here is that we can be who we are, and that's very important. We have this side of wanting to make things happen, but above all with the main word being respect.

img Jaime Fabretti Junior

Jaime Fabretti Junior

Foreign Trade Consultant

Being Zinho is being involved in all this atmosphere of innovation, product quality. It's always going beyond our borders. It's also being involved in this world of food and the moment. A moment of happy consumption!

img Adriana Ismenia dos Santos Souza

Adriana Ismenia dos Santos Souza

Financial and IT Manager

Being Zinho is this joy, this contentment, this pleasure of being together, of doing together, of teamwork. It's the same joy all 365 days of the year.